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Fossil Jasper is an excellent protection stone, providing protection for both travellers and astral travellers. Fossil Jasper is also a grounding stone, and is especially useful in healing.

Fossil Jasper instils a feeling of wholeness, serenity and being cared for.

Fossil Jasper aids mental clarity and functioning.

Fossil Jasper aids past life recall.

Fossil Jasper acts as an energetic tonic for anyone recovering from long-term illness and boosts the immune system.

Fossil Jasper assists the body to restore cellular tissue.

Fossil Jasper can be useful in treating the urinary system, lower digestive system, and reproductive system tissue dysfunction.

Fossil Jasper harmonises mineral assimilation.


Size: 6cm in diameter


Weight: 365 grams

Fossil Jasper Sphere

PriceFrom $21.00
GST Included

BUY 2 get the third FREE (Lower Value FREE)

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